Carbohydrates are essential to provide energy for the body because

Carbohydrates are a macronutrient whose main function is to provide energy to the body. All digestible forms of carbohydrates give 4 calories per energy of energy. The fiber, starch, and glycogen are complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates can be monosaccharides, like glucose and galactose or disaccharides like lactose and maltose.  

Complex carbohydrates include polysaccharides. Starch comprises of chains of glucose molecules. Some chains of starch are straight and are harder to digest. Another starch is much easier to digest and has branching chains.  

Dietary fiber comprises soluble and insoluble types and both possess essential benefits like minimizing the risk of heart disease, constipation, and obesity. Soluble fiber also helps to reduce the threat of diabetes.  

Glycogen is a highly branched polysaccharide created by a procedure known as glycogenesis and is stored in the liver and muscles for later use. Carbohydrate in the diet is said to spare protein from being used to provide energy for fuel for the cells.  

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