How long does it take to walk around the world

The circumference of the Earth is calculated through the equation,
       C = 2πr
where C is the circumference and r is the radius. 

Substituting the given to the equation,
          C = 2π(6.38 x 10³)
          C = 12760π km

We determine the number of hours that needs to be spent in order to walk around the calculated circumference. This can be calculated through the equation.
              t = distance / speed
Substituting the known values,
              t = (12760π km) / (4 km/h)
                t = 3190π hours

Then, we calculate for the number of days given that only 12 hours is spent per day for the walk.
       number of days = (3190π hours) / (12 hours/day)
          number of days = 835.14 days

ANSWER: 635.14 days

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