Slowing down or rolling through a stop sign is __________

Unit End Quiz 1. Driving is a ___________ that you have to earn. Privilege Skill Right Obligation.

2. If at all possible, maneuver to avoid a ___________ collision which involves extreme force upon impact and is statistically more likely to result in injury or death. Head-on Rear-impact Right side-impact Left-side impact
3. In the driving world, risk is ___________ present. Often Frequently Sometimes Always
4. As a driver, you are responsible for making every effort to avoid becoming involved in a ___________. Road rage scandal Police chase Traffic jam Collision
5. If you directly or indirectly cause a collision, you are also legally and ___________ responsible, and you may be liable for damage or costs related to injury associated with that collision. Morally Mentally Financially Bodily
6. It is your legal obligation to know and ___________ the laws associated with driving. Interpret Obey Predict Disregard
7. Anticipate unexpected ___________, predict when, where and why a collision could occur. Hazards Emotions Courtesies Situational awareness
8. Courtesy is safe and it is easy, but most of all it is what you ___________ from others. Regret Select Neglect Want
9. It is illegal to drive without ___________. An education A license A parent A passenger 10. As a driver, you are responsible for your vehicle, cargo, and ___________. Passengers Bicyclists Other drivers Road conditions

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