What are three advantages of digital x rays over film

Digital X-rays imaging over film X-rays is more advantageous because it requires less time, reduces radiation, and is cheaper. Digital radiography is widely used to look at bones and joints.

Digital radiography uses X-rays to directly capture and store the data during the examination of the patient. There are several advantages of digital X-rays over film X-rays, which are:

  • Digital X-rays are faster and increase time efficiency.
  • The immediate preview of the image and its availability.
  • Digital X-rays use a lower amount of radiation.
  • Digital X-rays are able to take multiple exposures.
  • Digital X-rays are cheaper than film X-rays.

Therefore, the use of digital X-rays has been widely increased over film X-rays due to their ability to enhance images, reduces time, and is less expensive.

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