What is the kinetic energy of an object at rest



Kinetic energy is the energy due to changes in position of a body. It is always with regards to motion of a body.

Potential energy on the other hand is the energy at rest of a body.

To estimate kinetic energy, we use the formula:

      K.E =  frac{1}{2}m v^{2}

where m is the mass of the body and v is the velocity of the object.

mass is 5kg and velocity is 5ms⁻¹

      K.E =  frac{1}{2}5 x  5^{2}

      K.E = 62.5J

for the object at rest;

    potential energy is calculated:

    P.E = mgh

where m is the mass, g is the acceleration due to gravity and h is the height

m is 5kg, h is 2 and g is 9.8

    P.E = 5 x 9.8 x 2 = 98J

The moving object has kinetic energy with the object  at rest having potential energy.

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