What was the impact of marco polo’s travels to china

Venetian explorer, Marco Polo, told his cellmate during his imprisonment after the Venetian-Genoese War about his travels to the Far East. These accounts became a book , later entitled “The Travels of Marco Polo” which was influential in sparking people’s curiosity of the East.

The first impact  was that Marco Polo was able to bring elements of Western culture to the East and Eastern culture back to the West. Because of his exploration Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and India, China began to experience Western culture.  

Next, Marco Polo’s interactions with Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan led to commercial exchange with Western merchants who were now arriving in China. This increased Chinese’s growth as a civilization.

The Silk Road, an easier route to travel around the Gobi Desert,  traced by the Polos had a huge effect  in the future of European and Chinese interaction. It would prove to be a more effective route than to sail the oceans to China.  

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