Which of the following statements about federal judges is true

They serve lifetime terms.

Further Explanation:  

Federal judges are nominated by President and confirmed by the US Senate. It is mentioned in article 2 of the Constitution. There are 13 circuit courts. The judges are categorized as Federal judges, Circuit judges, District judges. All these charges are called “Article 3 judges”. Magistrate judges, bankruptcy judges are also called federal judges. But these charges are not appointed by President nor confirmed by Senate. The power is derived from article 1.  

The main function of federal courts is to hear cases that fall under the jurisdiction of federal statutes. They have a wide range of cases including civil and criminal. The federal judges serve for life and during good behaviour. They hold seats till they resign, die or removed from the office. The judge cannot be eliminated from the office except by the process of impeachment initiated by one house i.e. House of Representatives and followed by conviction done by the Senate

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