Which of the following statements about physical fitness is true

All of the above mentioned statements are true about physical fitness.

When we say “physical fitness“, we mainly mean to refer to the healthy physical condition of a person. This means that when a person’s body is good and all body systems work together efficiently, then it means the person is physically fit.

  • Physical means the bodily organs, systems, both internal and external that make up the whole body system.
  • So, when we say a person is physically fit, then we mean to say that he’s healthy and his body functions properly and as it should be.
  • Moreover, physical fitness is a continuous process that changes every now and then and is also influenced by many factors.
  • It must also be noted that it is individualized for each person, meaning not everyone’s level of physical fitness may be the same.

When we talk of physical fitness, we must remember that it is the well-being of the body systems of a person. And on that note, all of the statements in the options are true of physical fitness. Thus, the correct answer is option D.

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