Who was the commander in chief of the continental army

Who served as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army?

A. Thomas Gage
B. Nathanael Greene
C. William Howe
D. George Washington
Why did American women riot in Boston in 1777 as well as in other cities during the American Revolution?
A. to demand an end to the war
B. to obtain food during shortages
C. to overthrow British occupying forces
D. to protest their exclusion from the military
What conclusion does this image best support?
A. France formed an official alliance with America during the war.
B. Washington gave credit for the victory at Saratoga to the French.
C. French soldiers and officers agreed to be mercenaries for America.
D. General Washington had no authority to make agreements with France.
Which loss contributed to the British decision to fall back to Yorktown?
A. Battle of Bunker Hill
B. Battle of Cowpens
C. Battle of Saratoga
D. Battle of Trenton

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