Why was the spanish american war a splendid little war


The Spanish-American conflict was indeed a “splendid little war” as it was the first overseas conflict that U.S engaged by using efficient military training tactics.


The Spanish-American conflict occurred in 1898 when U.S intervened against Spanish colonial rule in the Americas, Cuba and Philippines. It was indeed a splendid war as U.S’s democratic goal of ending colonialism was realized. The war was supported by a large number of citizens and the military base best suited to fight the campaign of anti-colonialism, Presidio of San Francisco, was established very efficiently.

The Presidio provided refuge and training to a large numbers of troops. The army fleets and the units produced in Presidio successfully ended Spanish occupation in the America’s, Cuba and Philippines.

However, U.S’s failure to give full sovereignty to Philippines after the end of the Spanish-American conflict created resentments among the Philippines’ nationalists. It ultimately led to the American-Philippine War of 1899.

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